Exclusively at the beauty zone & spa
Far-Infrared Therapy Benefits
No Diet Weight Loss
Burn 800 calories in one session
Reduce Cellulite
Tone & Re-sculpture your body-lines
Beautify your skin
Reduce Signs of Ageing
Eases Aches & Pains
Improves Circulation
Accelerates Tissue Repair
Lowers Blood Pressure
Eliminates Toxins & Heavy Metals
Losing weight was never so easy or safe; could you have ever imagined that just reclining in the comfortable heat and relaxing atmosphere of our Steam Free Far-Infrared Sauna, listning to your favourite music could burn off 800 calories? Well, research has shown that the Far-Infrared Therapy Cabin can do exactly that, infact it is stated that one session may burn off the same amount of calories as a six mile run!
Whilst you are eliminating those damaging toxins, heavy metals and losing weight you are giving your skin a thorough cleanse making you feel and look more radient.
Regular sessions have been shown to reduce high blood pressure, relieve stress and anxiety, boost your immune system and give your heart a safe passive workout. Enjoy a relaxing total body detox.
Price List:
1 person 30 minutes - £15
1 person 60 minutes - £25
2 people 60 minutes - £40
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